Zondag 12 Februari 2012

Shopping for the tour, vegetarians...and apologies...

Shopping for the tour, vegetarians...and apologies...

We simply adore being back in the theatres. IT certification

The smell of the curtains the empty, inviting stage. 070-294 dumps

How many people will come to see us? The red pluche chairs waiting for the audience, the first notes into the expectant air, all those faces in the crowd, our amazing technicians, CompTIA 220-801 dumps

Annelies, Hans and Pieter, the lovely gibbous homecooked meals they magic out of their well used, experienced pots and pans...

Oh right, must not forget to actually buy the food for 5 people and 2 vegetarians...er...I mean 7 people. Again I feel like someones mom, replica watches uk

scouring the grocers for suitable ingredients to hand in to our versatile technicians so they can turn it in to edible grub. replica handbags

Not that it matters what I get, because I may buy stuff with a simple pasta in mind and it'll be Coquilles St. replica handbags online

Jacques a la Ditch near Cree before I blink. And that means vegetarian Jacques as well for your information.

I'm a vegetarian of course, except during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore I have to seriously pay attention while buying groceries for Annelies, me and the lads. best prada replica handbags

I have to get meat for the carnivores and something called quorn for the veggies Philip and Hans. During the last tour I was drilled until I could find the veggie department blindfolded and knew one non-meat from the other by heart. ysl replica handbag for sale

Don't get the veggie ground non-beef, get the burgers, they don't stick to the pan. Don't buy the cheap mashed vegetable thingy get the proper stuff...extra cheese to make up for meat ,and so on...

But..it had been the better part of a year since I'd done the shopping and it went very, very wrong.
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Not at first though, but then I got careless...I'd thought up that we would have an Indonesian rice dish with chicken on a stick and peanutsauce. I got pork... and quorn bits. microsoft 070-294 test

I got chicken on a stick and extra sauce with no chicken. I was doing so well, and then I got rice crisps...RICE crisps I tell you, made of RICE!
How veggie can you get!

But noooo.....ricecrisps are flavoured with something salty.....unfortunately the something was...shrimp! Not veggie...pretty little creature, dried, ground to dust and sprayed onto formerly veggie RICE crisps! 117-102 exam

Aaaargh! No rice crisps for Hans and Philip. And rice crisps are essential to this dish, they just are!

Hans our soundman is a truly admirable vegetarian. No false sentiment, no exeptions, no drama, just no meat...at all, not even a shrimp. If world leaders had half the conviction about human rights that he has about being vegetarian, the world would be a better place.

And I have to seriously start reading food labels...

BTW, we played De Harmonie in Leeuwarden that night and we were delighted to note that Rowwen Heze, quite a famous and succesfull band, also cook for themselves and the crew, instead of going out to eat. So there, you see, home cooking is the key to greatness...I think...


Zondag 12 Februari 2012

Zondag 12 Februari 2012

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